Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a factory?

Yes! We are a true factory with  30 years history.

Can you provide us with samples?
Yes, we can! We normally send our clients two panels for their reference at free of charge, but please help us with paying for the courier cost. However, this courier cost can be deducted from your future payment once you place order with us.
What is Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer made from?
Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer is made from 100% Virgin Recyclable Polypropelene.
Does Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer can provide a porous paving solution
Yes, absolutely.
What is the maximum slope for installing Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer?
The recommended slope is not more than 20°.
What are the temperature ranges recommended for Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer?
Can be ranged from -45ºC to +70ºC
What kind of Gravel Stone should I use?
We recommed you to use the maximum 10mm Pea Gravel or Crushed Gravel.
How Can I calculate the gravel to be used for the Gravel Driveway?

Just use the following formula to work out the q’ty of gravel needed, which is Length (m) x Width (m) x Depth (cm) x 0.0175, then q’ty figure which you will get is in Tons. Please keep in mind that the unit of the Depth is CM insteadt of M.

Can Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer stop the weed grow through the gravel?
Yes, the use of the fabric at the bottom of the Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer is to prevent the weeds from sprouting through the gravels..
What kind of application can I use Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer?
Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer can be widely used for Driveway, Pathway, Back Yard, Golf Course, Garden, etc. applications.
How should I store the Sinotop Gravel Stabilizer if I do not plan to install for a long time.
We recommend you please to store them in a place where can get cool air and good ventilation. Be sure to protect them from long time ultraviolet sun light.
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